Lebanon's Culture

Lebanon has one of the highest literacy rates in the Middle East. A compulsory five-year primary school program is followed by either a seven-year secondary program or a four-year program of technical or vocational traning. Major universities include the American University of Beirut, the Universite Saint-Joseph (subsidized by the French government and administered by the Jesuit order), the Lebanese University (Universite Libanaise) and the Beirut Arab University (an affiliate of the University of Alexandria).

Some famous writers include Khalil Gibran, Georges Shehade and Michel Chiha.

Lebanon is host to the Baalbeck International Festival, an annual music fest. At one time, international opera, ballet, symphony and drama companies worldwide performed in Beirut. Some Lebanese artists are active in European opera and theater companies, while others are trying to create a wider audience for classical Arabic music and theater. Dabkah (the national dance) and zajal (folk poetry) are enjoying a revival.

Lebanon has registered publications in Arabic, English, French and Armenian, including many daily newspapers. Movies and videotape cassettes are popular. The country receives television broadcasts from Beirut's private companies, plus Egyptian and Syrian signals. In addition, the government broadcasts radio programming in Arabic, French, English and Armenian.

The religion of Islam also plays a key role in Lebanon's culture.

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

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